Description as a Tweet:

We have created a webpage to share the crazy things in Space! There are crazy and weird categories for different things in space, you can read about many different things, you can submit something that you see and you can find a link to the Hubble Telescope page!


Space is a huge and crazy place. We may not know a lot about it but there are some insane ways we can look at them. We thought it'd be really fun to make the stupidest or the most random categories to see what is in space.

What it does:

Our project includes multiple webpages that show us categories we created to sort things in space, information on those objects and what they do and where they are and why they are in that category, a google form that people can submit if they see anything bizzare and want to know if it has been discovered, and the link to the Hubble Telescope Website.

How we built it:

We built the project using HTML and CSS and created multiple files for the different pages.

Technologies we used:


Challenges we ran into:

We were going to add a chatbox feature using twilio but we really struggled with figuring it out and in the end decided to drop that idea.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We are really proud that we made something so intense with so many different factors that people can look at.

What we've learned:

We learnt a lot of new things about HTML and CSS as well as about how we can have chatboxes in a webpage even though we didn't end up using it.

What's next:

We are not really sure what is next but we hope we can share this website with a lot of people so that they can see it!

Built with:

We used XCode and GitHub to build it.

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Software Hack
  • Best Web Hack
  • Best Beginner Software Hack
  • Best Domain Name from
  • Best Space App

Team Members

Nandni Talreja
Caroline Ye
Maulshree Srivastava

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